Get To Know Me Part II

Hello again to whoever is reading this. So, because the last blog I wrote was such a horrible & negative subject, I’d thought I’d do a blog that was a little more positive. So, here’s another “Get To Know Me” blog. Let’s jump in & see how many factoids about me I can come up tonight…

1) My first pet I had was a dog named Duchess…I still remember her & she’s been gone since I was about 2 years old.🐶

2) I now have autographs from 5 different people-all of whom are women: Amy Dumas, Jovanka Vuckovic, Michelle Rodriguez, Robin Meade, & Joy Mangano.

3) I LIVE to shop, but only for myself. I know that sounds selfish, but hey, you want me to be honest, & that’s the honest truth.

4) Some of my favorite emojis are:😘💋😍🎉📱😻♐️♥️🏳️‍🌈🦄🦋🏀🛍🎈🌺🧡🌟🍔🍷🍕⚾️✌🏾

5) Some of my favorite animals are:🐱🐠🐍🐘🐎🐆🐊🦈🦒🕊

6) My favorite weather would have to be about 80-85 degrees & storming for hours. #Pluviophile 😍🔥🌬⛈

7) I am part Native American.

8) I am left eye dominant.👁

9) My favorite subject in school was English-I was one of the best in my class in that subject.

10) I was a thumbsucker for YEARS & still occasionally will do it if I’m SUPER stressed or extremely suicidal.👍🏾

11) My favorite curse word is “fuck”.

12) I have hot flashes due to an implanted birth control I had in several years ago.

13) While I’m not religious per se, I do believe there is another side we go to after we die.

14) I shop at HSN like it’s my job.💙

15) As much as I hate being so beyond lonely, I don’t think it’s really a bad thing…

16) My foster care experience was absolutely horrific. Glad it only lasted about 3 weeks or I seriously would of killed myself.

17) I’ve always had an interest in radio before all the people told me I would be good at. Mainly because I lack self confidence & with radio, obviously, no one would ever get to see my face.📻

18) I graduated high school on June 6, 2010.

19)  I have a seriously hard time sleeping before 2 a.m.

20) I have a VERY, VERY, VERY large family where the majority of them are blood relations.

21) I prefer the Summer Olympics over the Winter Olympics.

22) I can’t sleep with less than 2 pillows, no matter where I am.

23) My current favorite shows I watch right now are Happy!, How To Get Away With Murder, Murder Made Me Famous, Fuller House, & Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

24) Summer is my second favorite season.🌞🔥🌺🌸🌼🌻

25) I suffer from amaxophobia.🚘

Alright, this blog is done. No clue why these take me awhile. Another one of these won’t happen for awhile. Any questions? Contact me & I’ll answer anything you wanna know. Until next time, thanks for reading. As always, I appreciate it.

Sydney xoxo




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