Hello, It’s Me

Yes, it is me, Sydney, back with another overdue blog. I am recovering from probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me…a UTI & a yeast infection at the same time. I literally felt like I was gonna die.😵Thankfully all the stuff I did before & after I saw my doctor helped & I’m feeling much, much, much, much better. My sugar has been out of whack(I’m a Type 2 diabetic), so that’s the main reason for having both a UTI & yeast infection together. Ugh. Yuck.😓This is also the first blog on my newly fixed iPad.📱I had a bipolar episode & ended up breaking it…the screen that is, it worked fine other than that being completely fucking shattered. So, yeah, messy stuff going on with me right now.

Due to being ill & this crazy up & down weather, I have not been able to start exercising yet. My mom is still going to buy us bikes soon, so hopefully I can feel good enough to get out & ride at least an hour a day.🚲 My goals as far as my weight loss have changed…I really have to go slow with losing this weight because I am not the healthiest I’ve ever been. I can’t just push myself as hard as I want because then I could hurt myself & never lose any of this weight. My main goal as of now is to be to 170 lbs. by August 1st. That’s about 30 lbs. If I stick to a nice diet starting probably next month due to me ruining it already this month, I should be in good shape. I have found a lot of beginner exercises on Pinterest, so I’m doing them. If I can just get under 190 lbs., I would feel SOOOOOOOO much better. I FINALLY got a dentist appointment set for next month, so I’m happy but nervous about that due to my teeth being in such bad shape.

I know this is short & sweet, but I’m not feeling the best, but wanted to update. Thanks for reading!!!! Will have a newer blog up soon, so stay tuned!!!!!💋

Sydney xoxo

P.S. GOOOOOO Cavs!!!!❤️🏀💛 GOOOOOO Tribe!!!!!❤️⚾️💙


One thought on “Hello, It’s Me

  1. Welcome back…..I thought maybe you got sick from watching my Yankees beat up the Indians again….
    But really happy to hear about the dentist appointment,I know you kept on saying how much you wanted to go….and you’ll be fine. I want to find a bike as well but I’m getting the cheetah a outdoors tent so he can hang outside with me this summer.


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