Banged Up

Oh my fucking GOD, I seriously just realized I haven’t blogged in like 3 months. Holy shit. Sorry to all who actually keep up with my blog, it means a lot. Not a whole lot going on to be honest, but there are things I want to update on.

First off, I never got a bike. Haven’t had the money lately & due to health issues both mentally and physically, I haven’t been in the right state of mind to try and get a job. I just have no motivation to work at all. Also, due to my credit being horrid, if I got a job, my checks would be garnished anyway, so it’s really not worth it. I’m looking at doing credit repair services & if I can’t do that, I will be filing bankruptcy next year. It sucks, but I need to do something to help my credit get back up high, even though I don’t do anything with it right now.

I had to be put on insulin due to my diabetes being completely out of whack. I have gained even more weight & due to having PCOS, it is going to be hard to lose it. Ugh. I hope to be down about 30 lbs. by my birthday in November. We’ll see how it goes.

I am having surgery this Wednesday to have a large ganglion cyst removed from my right wrist. I’ve had it for awhile but it’s getting worse. It hurts so bad & my hand stays swollen because of it. So, I’m finally getting it taken care of. It sucks because it’s my bad wrist-I severely sprained it in 2003 & broke it in 2005-& I’m right handed, so I’m not going to be able to do much for at least 6 weeks, probably more. But I have to get it taken off, it’s not going away & I have trouble doing everyday things due to it. I’m pretty nervous though, but I’m sure it will be fine, my doctor is so good, he has handled both of wrist issues & did my left knee arthroscopic surgery when I banged up my knee back in 2006. I’ll update on Twitter once I get out of the hospital.

Soooo, I think that is all I need to update on right now. I will try to blog while I recover from surgery. Until then, peace out, peeps!!!! ✌🏾

Sydney xoxo

P.S. GOOOOOOO TRIBE!!!!!!!❤️⚾️💙 & since football season is FINALLY almost upon us, GOOOOOOOOO RAMS!!!!!!!💙🏈💙


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