I’m 27 years old, my birthday is November 28th. I have several mental illnesses, most of which are considered to be severe. Despite this, I ONLY write blogs when I am in a solid state of mind. I’m OBSESSED with anything & everything 1990s related, my Cleveland Indians, my Cleveland Cavaliers, shopping, rainy days, true crime, cats, music, & decorating/crafting.

You probably found my blog because you follow me on Twitter. If somehow you just found me another way, you can follow me on Twitter @90sGirl_Sydney. You can also friend me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/90sGirlSydney. I do have Snapchat & sometimes post stories…I’m still getting the hang of it, but you can follow me on there: tribecavsgirl01. I also have Instagram & post there all the time, so please follow me: mssydney1991.

Thanks for reading!!!

Sydney xoxo